A Model for a Better Understanding of the Matrix Structure

Título: A Model for a Better Understanding of the Matrix Structure

Autor: Eduardo Vasconcellos

Resumo/Sinopse: Dealing with multidisciplinary tasks becomes very difficult in the traditional functional structures due to the Iack of effective mechanisms of integration. The matrix design is an attempt to deal with this problem. The effective understanding and application of the matrix structure depends on realizing the differences existing among its several types. In this paper, the Galbraith Model is analyzed as an instrument to differentiate matrix structures. Then, other variables are introduced to improve the model, and a Matrix Index is formed based on these new variables. This Index is a valuable tool for the management consultant and for the researcher on matrix structures because it can be used to highlight the differences among the several types of matrices. The data presented here were collected from 211 technical researchers and managers of 17 Brazilian Research Institutes operating in a matrix mode. A comparison is made between the Galbraith Model and the Matrix Index. As an example of the use of the Matrix Index, a comparison is made between the matrix structures of research institutes with high and low percentage of income from the sale of projects. Results showed that research institutes with higher percentage of income coming from the sale of projects had a matrix design with more emphasis on the project structure.

Data de publicação: AUGUST 1979

Periódico/Editora: IEEE Transactions on enginereering management

Edição: Volume EM-26, NO. 3

: matrix structure, R&D, organization structure