Challenges for Brazilian MNC’s International Human Resources Management

Título: Challenges for Brazilian MNC`s International Human Resources Management

Autores: Muritiba P.M.; Muritiba, S.N.; Albuquerque, L.G.: Fleury, M.T.L. e French, J.L.

Resumo: Multinationals from emerging countries such as Brazil now take the path of internationalisation where early movers have already been. However, these companies have to develop new tools to deal with their own challenges, since they come from countries with different historical backgrounds and specificities. This paper explores challenges for Brazilian MNCs in terms of HRM when operating abroad. It presents the results of six cases of Brazilian MNCs through a grounded theory study. Results show these companies had to deal with their former economic turbulence, shortage of qualified workforce to work internationally and the need to develop HRM competencies to operate globally.

Data de Publicação: 2012

Periódico: European Journal of International Management

Edição: Vol. 6, No. 3, pp.248-264, 2012

Palavras-chave: emerging markets; international business; international human resources; cultural distance; international strategy.