Challenges to Economic organization – Plural Forms

Livro – Challenges to Economic organization – Plural Forms
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Autores: Maria Sylvia Machionne Saes (org.), coautoria com Claude Menard, Vivian Lara dos Santos Silva Rossignolo, Emmanuel Raynaud

Resumo/Sinopse: A major characteristic of business activities in our economies is that firms adopt a plurality of organizational arrangements to conduct transactions between suppliers, clients, and competitors. It is quite common to observe firms using simultaneously different forms to obtain inputs (or to sale products or services) that have identical characteristics. This phenomenon has been identified in organization theory as arrangements called plural forms.
The motivation behind this book is to contribute to understanding what forces push a firm to obtain part of its input through independent suppliers, another from its own production, and yet another through suppliers with well-established contracts. The content of this book therefore reflects the theoretical investigation made to develop a consistent explanation of a poorly understood phenomenon.
The extensive empirical study û twenty seven case studies in twelve sectors of agriculture chain in the Brazil – was conducted to substantiate and improve our initial framework.
This book directly adresses to professionals working on management and strategic planning, particularly in and with agribusiness companies, with interest in developing relationships with suppliers and optimizing transactions in supply chains. The book has connection to the disciplines of undergraduate and graduate areas of economics, management, production engineering and the like. Different approaches can benefit from the discussion developed in the various chapters: strategy and management of the supply chain, fundamentals of strategy, economics of organizations, industrial and institutional economics, and transaction cost economics, etc.

Data de publicação: 2014

Periódico/Editora: Atlas

Edição: v.1. 272 p.