Conditioning Factors for Learning Oriented Organizations

Título: Conditioning Factors for Learning Oriented Organizations

Autores: Clandia Maffini Gomes; Isak Kruglianskas; Maria Aparecida Gouveia, Lúcia Rejane da Rosa Gama Madruga e Vitor Francisco Schuch Jr.

Resumo: The main objective of this article is to check for the occurrence of management practices that favour knowledge development in the Brazilian organisations that are taking part in the Gaucho quality and productivity programme. The research included both a quantitative and a qualitative phase. Analysis of the organisational characteristics revealed that generally speaking the organisations we researched are learning-oriented and that the factors of vision, planning and information are the main determinants. The management practices found in the organisations were evidence of an environment and an infrastructure favourable to learning; in addition, these companies had people who were capable of developing their activities in a satisfactory manner.

Data de publicação: 2015

Periódico: International Journal of Innovation and Learning – Vol. 17, No.4 pp. 453 – 469

Palavras-chave: organisational learning; knowledge development; knowledge management; strategic learning; change management; organisational change; quality; productivity; Brazil