Evaluation use and involvement of internal stakeholders

Título: Evaluation use and involvement of internal stakeholders

Autores: Cornacchione, E. B., Jr; Trombetta, M. R.; Casa Nova, S. P. C.

Resumo: To what extent does the intense and direct involvement of internal stakeholders, such as program managers and staff members, play a significant role toward evaluation use? Stakeholder involvement is a key element in evaluation and evaluation use is considered within a broader sense that includes organizational knowledge, individual skills, and immediate program reviews. The background of this new non-degree online program is directly related to the Brazilian socioeconomic, cultural, and educational framework. Conclusions include 12 major claims related to program evaluation and an integrative approach involving Patton’s and Stake’s evaluation theories. Although delimited by the natural boundaries of a case study design, conclusions may benefit the strategic discussion of program evaluation in similar situations, at both professional and academic levels.

Data: 2010

Periódico: Studies in Education Evaluation – v. 36

Palavras-chave: Evaluation utilization, Program evaluation, Human Resources Development, Online education, Accountability, Stakeholder involvement