Tabela de Decisão e Sua Implementação

Título: Tabela de Decisão e Sua Implementação

Autor: Hiroo Takaoka

Resumo/Sinopse: Fundamentals of decision tables are presented: basic structure, notation, types and correctness verification. Several conventions are described and the ambiguity problem of the “don’t care” entry is discussed. Techniques for decision table construction are presented, and the problem of size reduction is also treated. Power and applicability of decision – tables as a tool for data processing systems development are discussed. Algorithms for converting decision tables into – computer programs are surveyed divided into three classes based on the mask rule, mixed base and decision tree (flowchart). A processor implemented in Algol for the Burroughs B-6700 system is described. The processor accepts decision tables as am extension of the Cobol language, converting them into Cobol – paragraphs.

Data de publicação: 1976

Periódico/Editora: Dissertação de Mestrado FEAUSP

Palavras-chave: decision tables, decision rule, system analysic, optimum computer program