The end of jobs: a case of theoretical convergence?

Artigo: The end of jobs: a case of theoretical convergence?

Autor: Hélio Zylberstajn

Sinopse: This article compares two theoretical and methodological approaches in Labor Economics: the supply side view, identified with neoclassical economics, and the demand side approach, linked to institutional views. The objective is to discuss the hypothesis of the end of jobs from both perspectives. After examining and comparing the two conflicting views on several issues of labor economics and labor markets, the paper examines the connections between the employment relationship and the nature of the knowledge needed to perform the tasks assigned to the job, and concludes that both views share a convergent conclusion on this issue. The paper than discusses some implications for public policies and organizational policies.

Data da Publicação: 2010

Periódico: The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations

Edição: Vol. 26, Issue 04, December, 2010, p. 389-400.

Palavras-chave: end of jobs, employment relations, labor relations, specific and general human knowledge